Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What I've Been Reading: Middle Grade!

Sitting here with a massive cold/cough today and wasn't sure what to do with myself. So, I thought a blog post was in order.

I've been reading so many books lately and I've been loving it! I'm a HUGE Middle Grade fan and here are some awesome ones I've finished in the past few weeks.

Castle Hangnail by Ursula Vernon

This book was so much fun! I loved the main character, Molly. She was adorable and loved being "bad". I hope there's a sequel. I really enjoyed the writing, the characters and the story. So fun.

Doll Bones by Holly Black

I'm probably the last person in the writing world to read this. I heard so much hype that I bought it at the Scholastic book fair at my kids school. It didn't disappoint! I thought it was fantastic and creepy. Loved the main characters, and the mystery was spooky and well done. Great read!

Time of the Fireflies by Kimberley Griffiths Little

This book was totally not what I was expecting. SUPER creepy mystery, SUPER creepy doll. Yes, another doll! But it was wonderfully written and the protagonist was awesome. I love Kimberley's books. But seriously. This one was creepier than most... :)

What have you been reading? Any good recs for the summer?


Rosalyn said...

You're not the last to read Doll Bones--I haven't read it yet, because I'm a serious wimp when it comes to creepy. (Imagine my surprise when my first beta readers commented on some of the horror-esque parts of my book. I guess it doesn't bother me as much to write creepy as read it).

I just read and really liked the Winner's Curse, and Josi's Kilpack A Heart Revealed is a sweet romance. EK Johnston's The Story of Owen was a pretty great dragon story.

I haven't read any middle grade for a while though.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Wow, Chantele, I love your review of FIREFLIES - thank you so much for reading! You made my day, girl! (The doll first appears in Circle of Secrets, but Shelby Jayne and Gwen don't know where she came from or that she's cursed. :-))

(I'm so glad we got a chance to meet and chat at Storymakers last month!)

Misha Gerrick said...

I'm currently reading my own books, since I'm publishing two at the end of July.

Nick Wilford said...

I'm not too big on MG so I don't know these books, but they sound fun!

Nick Wilford said...

I'm not too big on MG so I don't know these books, but they sound fun!

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