Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Musings

Today was the first Sunday in over a year (in my current ward) that I was able to attend relief society. My hubby and I got released 2 weeks ago, but had to sub for nursery last week. Go figure. Anyway, I forgot how much I missed the lessons, since I have been in nursery, primary, and nursery again pretty much four years in a row. It was fun just to sit and relax for once. Since both of my kids are in Sunbeams, and Nursery respectively, it was strange being by myself. (Nice, but really weird.) Listening to the wonderful lesson made me realize how much I love learning about the gospel. I don't know everything, and probably never will, but I love learning everything I can about it. Even if it is something little I can take away from the lesson, it makes me feel so good that I am still able to learn.
It makes me think of writing. Now, I am not a college graduate, (hopefully someday) and I am very critical on my writing. I don't know a lot. Every time I write, I find that I learn something new about my craft. Whether it's something I should do, or shouldn't. If I realize it's something I can research, I take the time to look it up on the internet, or talk to someone about it. Everything I learn, makes me better and better. In my eyes that is.:)
Now, I know I might not make it to publishing, but I won't stop writing, and learning to make myself better. It's just like living from day to day. Being a wonderful example to those who surround you, by following the gospel, and striving to be the best you can be. The same goes for writing. Never give up, always strive to be better, and write the best that you possibly can.:)


Patti said...

When I look at my earlier drafts, I can't believe how much better a writer I am. I'm far from perfect but it is getting better.

Welcome back to adult land. I know how you feel having been a primary teacher and then a president for four years.

Jessie Oliveros said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, esp the being the best you can be. Sometimes, maybe esp with writers (and with moms and oh yes with LDS women) it is so easy to be hard on yourself, to measure yourself against a standard. But that's trashy thinking.

Brooke R. Busse said...

I was slightly confused at the beginning of your post (ward makes me think of hospitals), but I think I've figured out most of your meaning. ^^