Monday, January 11, 2010

New Book Idea and....Outlines?

The past few months I have had a horrible case of writer's block. Pregnancy hasn't helped, since I haven't felt good enough to even think about writing. Well, yesterday, while I was sitting home from church with my sick little girl, I had the strangest idea pop into my head. Now, I have quite a few books I was working on before my pregnancy, but this character has just been bothering me and talking to me all day yesterday and today. I finally sat down last night and wrote a little bit down so I wouldn't forget, and I must say, I love it! I love the character, and the idea of where I want the book to go. It's quite a different take on a character we have seen before, but I think people will love him! I told my sister about it, since she reads everything I write and tells me what she does and doesn't like, and she is super excited too!
Anyway, I'm not one for outlining, but does it help a lot? How do I get started? If anyone has any advice on outlining, let me know. I'm kind of a dork, since I usually just write by the seat of my pants!;) Maybe if I try outlining though, my story will be even better.
On another note, the past few YA novels I have read are starting to make me mad. I won't mention any titles, since I did like the books, but there is so much junk, and swearing in them, that I just want to read something worthwhile and clean. I'm not even one to get offended easily. Teenagers need clean books to read without all the garbage. I am so thankful there are so many aspiring writers and published writers, (Shannon Hale, Jessica Day George, Janette Rallison, etc.) that write clean books. Great job guys!:) I hope we can all break into the publishing world, and have some good books to publish someday!