Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New critique group

I've done it. I joined a critique group. Mormon Mommy Writers had the idea, and I jumped on it. I have three lovely ladies in my group, and am SO excited to have them start reading my stuff and telling me what needs to be fixed, and what works. I'm also excited to do some crits of my own. We'll see how it works out. I know it will be hard to hear some things about my work, but I'm getting thick skin, and if it makes my book better then let's hear it! :)
How did you guys find your crit groups? Do you like them and are they worth it?


Patti said...

I found mine on line. Good luck with the group. It's hard to get back critiques, but just take a deep breath because it will really help. So glad to see you back blogging.

Lisa said...

Hey you! I saw your comment on Nikki's post today and thought I'd come over and say hi!

I have to tell you, the worst critique I ever received was delivered to my face, in front of a writing class. I tried to pinch off my emotions and tell myself that I could use the critique to make my story better. But I failed miserably when a student leaned over and said, "I think what she's trying to say is that you need to throw that away and start over." I was devastated. But, I digress. That lesson has made my skin much tougher.