Saturday, September 11, 2010

Question of the Day

I'm trying to figure out some fun topics to do on my blog every week. I already have "You Don't See That Everyday", so here is something I'll do on Friday. Since this Friday has already passed, I'm doing it today. Everyone needs a little laughter, especially on a day like September 11. I still remember everything about that day.

Question of theWeek: How long have you been grounded, and what did you do to deserve it?

Since I write YA, I love hearing stories about people's teenage years. So, most of my questions will be geared towards that.
Whoever has the longest grounding gets our respect! Ha ha! :)
Let me start. My parents were very trusting with me and my siblings. They let us stay out until around midnight on weekends and 11:00 on school nights. I always made curfew on time. Always.
That is, until one night I totally forgot the time and was a half hour late on a school night. My parents were not happy, and gave me a warning not to do it again. Well, turns out that I was an HOUR late the next night! Really? What the heck was I thinking? Obviously I wasn't. Now, I know this isn't the worst thing in the world, but I was not really a rebel, and I really had a panic attack about being grounded. (I know I know. I sound like a goody goody.)
Anyway, to make a long story of lectures short, I got grounded from my awesome red chevy astro van A.K.A. "The Channywagon" for two weeks. I had to either ride the bus, or have someone pick me up in the mornings. Me? Ride the bus my senior year? Hardly.
Luckily I had a cute guy that came and got me everyday, so it wasn't the worst grounding in the world. ;)
So, let's hear it! What did you get grounded for, and for how long? Was it worth it?


ali said...

LOL on the cute guy. Bet that was worth it, eh?

I have this thing--I hardly remember any specifics from my childhood. I have to basically imagine what happened. My whole life is one big fantasy! ;)