Friday, September 17, 2010

Writing About Love

I LOVE romance. Seriously, LOVE. Not the hot, steamy, graphic kind of romance, but the sweet kind. A slight touch of the hand, sending chills up a girls spine. A quick glance, a stolen kiss. I honestly can't get enough of it. I'm not usually into the whole Love and First Sight thing, but it can work sometimes. I do love a book where the characters start out as friends first though, and then both realize there is more there. I love seeing the guy get jealous, but acting like it's not a big deal when the girl he likes talks to another guy, or someone starts showing interest in her. I love hearing the guys side. That is probably why I love writing with two main characters, and love getting into both of their heads.
My books always have "love" somewhere in the story. There is always a love story. I can't help it. I just gravitate towards it. With a romance element included, I have to find out what will happen to the couple. I've read some books with no romance at all, and tend to have a hard time finishing the book. I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic. :)
Now, I don't like cheesy lines, or the entire book centered on romance. I do like a good plot, some twists and turns, the usual. BUT, there has to be at least one kiss, for me to be totally satisfied. What is your take on romance? Do you like love at first sight? Or friends becoming something more? Do you include romance in your book somewhere, and are you as unhappy as I am when there isn't any type of romance in books you pick up to read?