Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pushing Through the Fear of Rejection

There are so many excuses I've made over the years. Ones that get me out of writing when I'm nervous to start a new project. Have you ever just known that an idea could be great, but are too afraid to write it?

This happened to me with my current WIP, and another one I have plotted out already. I had this awesome idea, (to me it was...) and every time I'd sit down at the computer, I'd chicken out and check out writing blogs instead. It was if I was afraid of failure before I even wrote it. A few things would always go through my head.

"What if it's crap?"
"What if everyone hates it?"
"I'm a horrible writer. Why would I even want to try and write this story?"

One day I was feeling extra sorry for myself, and had a thought. If I don't write it down, it will eat at me forever, and I won't have the chance to improve. I started writing. The words just flowed onto the paper, and I realized no one is perfect. There is not one writer out there who writes a perfect story. Every author has an editor. Even the famous ones, and they all get help to make their manuscripts shine. I know I'm not alone anymore. There are so many people going through the same things I am, and I'm grateful for that. It makes me believe in myself a little more.

Honestly, I know I'm not the best writer. I probably never will be. But, I'm learning. I've read writing books, gotten into some critique groups, and have studied the craft of writing. It's helped me. A lot. Getting into my crit groups was probably the best thing I could have done with my book. I've gotten plenty of great feedback, and plenty of things to work on as well. It's uplifting when you find the right people to help you point out your weaknesses. I love it. After the initial sting of a comment wears off, I am so excited to work on it again. Making my book better.

So, if any of you are having a hard time sitting down and writing your novel, because you're scared of rejection or failing, remember this. It's not going to be perfect. There will be blood sweat and tears as you write, get feedback, revise, edit, and re-write. But, if you put your heart into your work, things will work out in time. Someone out there in the agenting/publishing world will love your book as much as you do, and maybe someday you will see your book on store shelves.
I need to take my own advice! :)


Susan R. Mills said...

So true! Well said. I'm glad you stopped by my blog. I look forward to getting to know you!

Jenn Johansson said...

Great points here. It's so easy in this industry to get discouraged and afraid, but giving into that fear gets us nowhere. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great to meet you. :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yes! That's exactly the attitude we need to have. We all need to be reminded of this once in a while. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love making new blog buddies. :-)

Valerie Ipson said...

Isn't it crazy how fear can stop us even before we get to the submission/rejection process? I just plain don't entertain fear anymore. I put a No Soliciting sign on my brain and fear has to move on to someone else.

ali said...

Haha! You are SOOO right! It does get easier with time, you really do develop a hardy, thick skin. Doesn't take the sting away, but your recovery time gets faster.

You can do this Chantele! Be brave!