Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Querying = Passing Out

I have a problem with querying. I tend to punch out a pretty dang good query, or pitch, and then as I go to paste it in my e-mail, I sit there FOREVER just staring at the screen. I even have the agents name in the send-to box. I hesitate, and hesitate some more. I go hunt down some chocolate, or tuck my kidlets into bed, letting the e-mail just sit there. Waiting for me to push send. It takes me about an hour or so to get brave enough to send out that first query letter. It's thrilling, nerve wracking, and sometimes makes me almost pee my pants! BUT, I'm doing it. I'm putting myself out there, and getting ready for the steady stream of rejection that hits every aspiring author. It's part of the gig. Everyone gets them.
This is the third book I've sent out, and let me tell you, I don't know WHAT I was thinking with my first two books. They weren't anywhere near ready. And you know what? That's okay. I realize that now. It's in the past, and even though I loved those first two books, I set them aside. What's more important, is that I didn't stop writing just because I got a few rejection letters.
I'm excited to query my current project. It's been so fun for me to write. I've polished it, had it critiqued, edited and revised the heck out of it, and now I'm sending my baby out into the world. I know it's not perfect. No one can write a perfect book. There will be editing and revising even if I get an agent someday. I'm just happy I can do something I love. Even if it takes me ten books before I finally sell one of them.
So, bring on the rejections! I can take them! And if someone actually likes my book, bring on the requests as well! ;)


Melanie Jacobson said...

What an excellent attitude.

Shayda Bakhshi said...

Oh my goodness, same here! I prepped my query, read it about a thousand times, sent myself a test email to three other addresses, and sat there at the end.

Just sat, like you say, staring at the screen.

My heart did a little double-beat when I pressed send, and I promptly snapped my laptop shut.

It's a scary thing! I'm glad I'm not alone in this. Good luck!

Jolene Perry said...

I am WEEKS away, just a few short weeks away from being in your position. Best of luck to you! I followed you here from Mormon Mommy Writers and I want to read your book.