Monday, February 21, 2011

Some awards!

So... I got two awards this weekend, and I'm not really sure why. I'm such a dork, but these lovely ladies must think otherwise! Or...maybe they just want to hear some random facts about me so they can torment me forever! Just kidding. ;) Anyway, Michelle Merrill, who is totally awesome and is in my crusade group gave me one, and Kristal Lee, gave me one as well! I met both of them this past week and they are so great. :)

So, here I go. I will post 7 random facts about myself. I promise, I'm pretty boring. My life mostly involves feeding, dressing, chauffeuring, and entertaining three little kids. I don't get out much. ;)

1. I have been playing the harp for 21 years. It's sort of my side hobby. I'm glad I married a supportive hubby, since he is my designated harp mover.
2. I am one of the pickiest people ever when it comes to food. Bananas are the absolute worst food ever. They are squishy, disgusting, and wrapped in gross.
3. Phineas and Ferb is one of the funniest cartoons ever. Not that I watch cartoons. My kids do...
4. I've never dyed or colored my hair. Not really interesting, but it is a random fact!
5. I have a phobia of sharks. I don't even live close to an ocean and they terrify me. For some reason I like watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel though. Weird.
6. Video games are addicting. I can't play them just for that reason. I'm good at them, and if I start playing them I can't stop! So, I choose to write or read instead. :)
7. I dated my husband for three weeks before we got engaged. My dad about killed me! (I did know my hubby for a month before that, but... it was sort of fast either way.)

There you have it! And now I'm supposed to award some other bloggers with this award...

1. Kasie West
2. Jordan McCollum
3. Christine Bryant
4. Jenn Johansson
5. Renee Collins
6. Michelle Argyle
7. Ali Cross

Check out these awesome bloggers! They are so great and have the best advice!


C. K. Bryant said...

Oh, I feel soooo special. Thanks for the reward, Chantele. You ROCK!!!!

Devin Bond said...

Haha, that's so fun! At least the marriage's going well, right? Love knows no time. :)

I'm super picky, too! We could have Who's-the-Pickier-Eater contest! (And bananas? TOTALLY GROSS! I'm with you there completely.)

Michelle Merrill said...

Wait, did you ever admit what your lie was? Super curious!

I'm totally with you on the bananas thing. I love the taste, but if it's not firm and slightly green, it's NOT going in my mouth! Eww!

I put highlights in my own hair once and that's it. I've wanted to die it, but I'm kind of scared. I don't want the upkeep.

Videogames? I LOVE them! Can you say Mario Kart on Nintendo 64 until 1 in the morning on multiple occasions? Uh, yeah, kind of slightly addicting. (And if you like that game, we should play it together...because that one I'm actually really good at! Bring it on :))

Also, I noticed you said you don't get out much on my blog...come visit me in Oregon :) Or I'll just visit you in July when I come down for my annual visit to see my family. It would be awesome! There are so many bloggers I want to meet!

Jordan McCollum said...

Aw, thanks, Chantele! :D I—I mean my kids love Phineas and Ferb (but they're on a Curious George kick lately).

(You're submitting chapters this week, right? Right?)

Heather Hellmann said...

I love watching people play the harp. It makes such beautiful music.

Candice said...

I didn't even know you had a writer blog!! I always just check your book blog. I am so lame.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@Candice You aren't lame! LOL! I never really wrote on it much until recently! :)

Tony Benson said...

Hello crusader. Congrats on the award! Good to meet you.

Tracy said...

Hey crusader pal, thanks for stopping by the other day. I have to give you props for being way better organized with the crusade following than I am at this point! I'll get there.

I think that's sweet about you and your hubby getting engaged so quickly. While I think it's easy to rush into mistakes early on, I also think when you finally meet the person you're meant to be just KNOW.

Brooke R. Busse said...

I'm thinking after reading this that I picked the wrong thing for a lie.