Sunday, March 13, 2011

A New Way To Pitch!

It was my anniversary on Sunday. 8 years and 3 kids later we are doing fantastic! I love my hubby.:)

Anyway, my post today started as a discussion with one of my crit partners. We were wondering what it would be like, if we had to dress up as our character to pitch our book to an agent/editor. I think we can all say that there would be some pretty crazy costumes! LOL

My pitch would go something like this.

Me: (deep male voice) Hello big time editor. It's nice to meet you. (Shakes hand)
Editor: What's with the wings? And the wand? And the whole dressing up as a guy thing?
Me: Just trying to play the part, sir.
Editor: (stares at me for a while...and finally clears his throat) Okay? A little strange, but whatever.
Me: (smiling and waiting)
Editor: So... um... do you mind telling me what is about?
Me: Well, obviously I'm a fairy. And a dude. What else do you need to know?
Editor: I meant a little about the book. You know. Your book. Your MC.
Me: Oh! (smiles) My name is Ash. I'm a fairy godmother. Which is totally against my will, and I have to grant three wishes to a human girl to get out of this ridiculous mixed up fairy tale.
Editor: Interesting. Now, you are the author. Right?
Me: (clears throat and goes back to regular voice) Yes, sir.
Editor: Okay. I'll ... be in touch. Watch your wings on the way out. You might bend them or something. (Says under his breath) That was weird.

I'd totally be decked out in a tutu, tights, and silver wings. And not to mention a blue wand. I'd have to chop my hair to match Ash's short spiky cut, and hopefully my voice would lower significantly before the actual pitch. It would be SO AWESOME! :D

He he. Wouldn't that be fun? Now I'm curious. What would you have to do to dress like your main character and pitch your book as him/her? I honestly don't know why this was so funny to me. Maybe because one of my crit partners would have to attach fur to her body to go as a werewolf? Would you change your appearance for the good of your novel and career? Even if you don't write fantasy/sci fi, I still want to know what you'd change about yourself to pitch your book. Discuss! :D


Jordan McCollum said...

LOL! Let's see, for my latest WIP... Get a gorgeous evening gown, dye my hair and bandage my arms.

Oh and shrink. That's totally doable.

Melissa said...

This would be absolutely hilarious! And so much fun. Both my characters are fantasy so it wouldn't be to crazy (I love the idea of your book based on this pitch, BTW)

Umm... it would depend on the book, for me. My next idea, I'd have to dress up in leather, where shades and cut my hair off. I'd be dismissive and super defensive.

My other novel, the one that's finished, I'd have to find myself a giant ruby for a necklace, dye my hair a brilliant red, and be very sarcastic. I'd also need to have at least five lighters. :P

AllMyPosts said...

Well, I would be an army officer, a captain, smart, young, dynamic, handsome, six pack in 6' frame, with silver anti-flash spectacles

How I wish I really be like that!! Well, all wishes can't come true instantly!! gotta wait

with warm regards

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Let's see. I'd either be a shape shifting beast or a spoiled princess. Tough to say which would be more fun, but princess would be easier. (That whole shape shifting thing would be pretty difficult.) I'm glad that pitches aren't done in person. I'd be the annoying, know-nothing in a face-to-face.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Congrats on eight years! We're coming up on twenty.
Dressing as my characters would be easy because of my book's setting, but no way I'd dress as Book I's character - she's a swimmer, and I'm past the point of appearing in a bathing suit in public. LOL

Kelly Bryson said...

At the StellarCon, there were lots of people dressed up. My friend and I were laughing at the thought that writers should dress up to writer's conferences. Agents and editors could dress up to show what genres they're interested in. It would make things so much easier- you'd just have to look for an agent wearing silver wings and you'd know it was a match! lol It would relieve some of the stress, too, dontcha think?

Michelle Merrill said...

If I could change to look like my main character, I would. Of course she's a lot better looking with long brown hair (I can't manage to get mine very long before chopping it off).

Really, though, if I walked into the room they'd probably wonder if she wasn't more than a regular teen. But she is...she just has a secret :)

Melanie Jacobson said...

Ah, see, this is why I can't write speculative. I'd just have to pull out one of my own outfits, apply extra lip gloss and find my highest heels and I'd be good to go. :)

Renee Collins said...

Well my story is post-apocalyptic, so all I'd need is some patched clothes, combat boots, fingerless gloves. That sort of thing. :)

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Jordan- I'd have to grow a foot to be my character! Ha ha! :)

Melissa- Oooh! A brilliant red head and very sarcastic? Nice! Gotta watch out for those Gingers! Ha ha! :)

AllMyPosts- Totally do-able! :)

Kayeleen- We'll have to figure out how to do the shifter thing. That would be something you don't see everyday! LOL

Diane- I'm not a fan of bathing suits either! Ha ha!

Kelly- It would definitely relieve some of the stress to see the agents dressed up too!

Michelle- Secrets are the best. You could totally rock a teenage look and just not tell the editor/agent anything! LOL

Melanie-Ha ha! Love it!

Renee- That would be awesome! I'd love to rock that outfit. Comfy and practical.

Anonymous said...

That is funny! My MC for one story would look like me. Just prettier wearing whatever clothes she stole from the ship's laundry room. I'm in love with one of my characters from the same story. If I dressed up as him, things would get freaky.

So we'll keep moving right along. I've had an idea forming for a while that finally came together last night. It involves either abnormally large soul eating mice or soul sucking leeches. That's undecided. (Wow, I'm worried about my mentality now.) Oh, speaking of mentality, the MC might be mental.

Happy anniversary, by the way!

Lindsey Edwards said...

What a great topic! What I would be dressed up as is a sorceress disguised as a regency miss. I write fantasy/historical romance. :-)

Candice said...

I would have to wear a gray uniform and black boots. Not that weird, I guess. But I would have a hard time pitching my book since my character doesn't like to talk...

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Madeline- The ships laundry? If you are writing about pirates, you are my BEST FRIEND!! Love them! If not, I'll still think you're cool! :)

Lindsey- Ooohh! A sorceress would be fun!!

Candice- You could just go in and stand there, staring at the editor until he shifts uncomfortably and offers you a book deal right then and there! ;)

Katie Dodge said...

Oh, Chantele, hahahahaha! Too funny! :D