Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weird Word Wednesday!

Today's weird word is: fugacious

Lasting but a short time; fleeting.

My sentence:
The kiss was fugacious, but it was worth it!

I don't know why, but this word makes me giggle. Let's hear some sentences! :D

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Michelle Merrill said...

Boy: "Come on, I only want a fugacious kiss."

Girl: "Excuse me?"

Boy: "Oh, never mind. I thought you were more intelligent."

Great word :)

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

The aroma of mom's apple pie was fugacious, but it drew me back to my childhood like it did every time.

Misha said...

Lol Michelle's comment was hilarious.

My concentration is a bit fuga-

Wait. Where was I?

R.S.J. said...

It seemed like a parade of children came through my bedroom last night, so my sleep was fugacious to say the least.

Pk Hrezo said...

It is a funny sounding word! I shall try to use it at least once today. :)

Myrna Foster said...

That fugacious introduction set the tone for years of rivalry.

Carol Riggs said...

Ha, wow, haven't heard of that word. Not sure I'd use it in the context of a kiss though--something about the consonants and the way it sounds! LOL It sounds more like something slightly vomit-ous. ;o)

ali said...

LOL! That is a truly weird word! Okay, let's see.


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