Friday, April 29, 2011

I didn't always want to be a writer.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a vet. I loved animals. Still do. I wanted to help them and spend all my time with them. When I got a little older, I realized I'd have to put animals to sleep. I changed my mind.

A few years later, I decided I wanted to be a nurse that helped take care of babies. I loved babies. They were so cute and it would be fun to be able to wrap them up and snuggle them every day. Then I found out that some babies didn't make it. Some babies would get sick. I changed my mind.

When I was in high school, I was fascinated with the ocean. Dolphins, fish and whales. Even sharks. I wanted to be a marine biologist. No joke. The trainers at Sea World were my idols. Seriously. I could watch them all day. Then I found out if I wanted to do that, I'd have to move far away. And I'd have to get in the ocean when everyone knew perfectly well that I was afraid of sharks. Still am. I changed my mind.

In college I studied to be an elementary school teacher. I loved kids. Still do. I wanted to teach them. I wanted to have a big impact on their lives. I also liked the idea of teaching high school students, until my dad pointed out that they would probably count me as one of the kids because I'm so short. Ultimately I decided to do elementary. I could handle 28+ kids. Couldn't I? Yes. What I couldn't handle? Mean parents. I changed my mind. (Actually, I got married and decided to have a family. :)

Once I had two of my beautiful kids, I noticed something. I had stories and characters floating around in my head. I always had. I remember in high school I used to sit in the computer room and type out stories without anyone knowing. I had a notebook in my room as well that I'd jot down stories in. I found that notebook a few years ago, and had totally forgotten about it. It's funny that I didn't realize how much I loved writing back then.

I picked up writing again about three years ago. I was so naive when I first started. I had no idea what a query letter was, no idea about agents. I didn't even care if I got a book published. But then my hubby talked me into sending my first book to agents, and that started my dream of getting a book published.

So many things have happened in the past year. I love writing. It's a passion of mine now, and I know I'll never let it go. It may be a long road before I see publication, but I'm loving what I do, and where I'm going with my writing. It's what I was meant to do. It just took me a little bit longer to figure it out. :)

What about you? Did you always want to be a writer?


Jessie Oliveros said...

Sometimes I think I would have enjoyed being a elementary school teacher, but I'd have to agree with you with that whole mean parents thing. With that many children, one of the parents isn't going to like how you are doing things.

I did nursing, but writing won:)

Kasie West said...

I have almost the same list as you do of childhood career choices. :) And I, too, didn't realize I was a writer until more recently, but looking back I can see all the signs that I was one. It's funny. I'm glad I realized I love it because it makes me so happy.

Kristina Fugate said...

I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was a kid :) I had huge stacks of books about deep sea creatures miles. I'm not sure what made me change my mind. I also wanted to give teaching a spin at one point--I love kids, but I probably don't have the patience.

The Golden Eagle said...

Most of my writing has been on and off--it's only recently that I actually started to seriously think about writing a novel, improving it, maybe even getting it published.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

That is one of the cutest puppy pictures I have EVER seen!! :-)

Jessica Hill said...

I've loved writing since I was nine, but until a few years ago, I never thought about trying to write professionally.

Growing up, there were about a million things I wanted to be. For the longest time I wanted to be an ER doctor. A few other things included elementary school teacher, therapist, criminologist, and photographer. Just to name a few. :]

Kathryn said...

I've always wanted to be a writer, but I didn't actively pursue it for years. I guess I just figured it wouldn't happen, or that's not what was in the cards for me. Now, I can't imagine thinking that way - even if I never get published. I just love it so much. :) Great post!

Jolene Perry said...

OK, our stories are WAY similar. I always wanted to write and thought I wouldn't be able to. That's crazy b/c I've done all sorts of things b/c my parents were always super supportive.
I taught high school for a while (I'm 5'8") height not a problem. The problem is I started teaching at 21. That's young for a high school teacher.
About a year and a half ago my husband encouraged me to write for fun. I had no intention of it going anywhere until I got the end of a WHOLE BOOK. Then I started doing research - I can do this!
My first book comes out in October with Cedar Fort Pub, and two of my four dream agents requested fulls over the past week. And while I know chances of them signing me are still slim, I know I'm on the right path, and at the very least I get AGENT FEEDBACK! So yeah, even after all the research, and even after how impossible it felt over a year ago, I'm so close to it all that I can't imagine doing anything else.
Well, aside from my cute little people and husband.
The writing community is such a happy place to be :D

Heidi Willis said...

I thought at first you wanted to be a shark! :) Now THAT would be cool!

I actually was a teacher before a writer. And in college I did my education thesis on teaching fiction writing. Too bad none of the schools give you time to actually teach that!

Now I just write (and raise my kids!), and I'm so thankful my husband has a great enough job that I can do that. Those royalty checks don't pay too many of the bills. :)

J.L. Campbell said...

It's wonderful that you have such a supportive husband that urged you to query. I wrote for a while when I hit my teens, then I stopped for more than two decades and I have no idea why. It's something that I love and don't think I'd stop writing even if I never get anything else published.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@J.L. Campbell Congrats on living your dream and writing! It's funny how we didn't really pursue it when we were younger and now that we're older, it's a part of us. Thanks for stopping by! :D