Monday, April 25, 2011

Back Away From the Peeps!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend and ate plenty of candy and delicious hard-boiled eggs. I know I did!

This morning I woke up and realized I'm surrounded by the worst Easter candy ever invented. My kids got some in their Easter baskets, and I can sadly admit that I put them there. **Just kidding! The EASTER bunny did! :)**

Anyway, I call it the Devil's candy. Yep, you guessed it.

Don't be fooled by those sweet chocolate sugary eyes, or the bright colors. They are trouble. Any marshmallow candy that can be saved until next Easter and still be considered good, makes me a little wary. For example: My husband's dad got a box of hard peeps for Christmas last year and was EXCITED about it! When he bit into one of them I was gagging in the corner and thinking about all the other disgusting things I'd rather eat. Dirt, grass, beets, bananas, etc. (Yes, I realize most people like banana's. That is a subject for another day.)

Obviously I'm not a fan. The chewy marshmallow dusty sugarness that fills my mouth when I take a bite out of one? Gag. And FYI, I am not comparing Peeps to writing. Those little monsters aren't good enough to be compared to something I love! ;)

What about you? Do you like Peeps?


Reece said...

Nice use of imagery! I can actually feel your hatred ... like something hot and slimy on my hands! Can't blame you though; Peeps are disgusting! About they only thing they're good for is to be used as doorstops.

David P. King said...

I couldn't agree more. Those things are hard to stomach, at least for me. I need cream with my sugar.

I've passed an award to you. Come to my blog and claim it, if you'd like.

Candice said...

I hate peeps! Yuck. Even my son who loves marshmallows won't eat them. Robin eggs on the other hand....mmmmmmm. You should really rethink your prejudice against them. They are the best!

Michelle Merrill said...

No and no. Did you really need to ask though? :) Also, I'm pretty much completely with you on the bananas thing. The only way I'll voluntarily eat one is if it's still slightly green with no bruises and no sign of soft mushy life inside. Just sayin'.

Have a great day! I'll be here trying to stay away from the double flavor starburst jelly beans and robin eggs. Yes I DID paint my lips blue with them last night. And I ate entirely too much candy. My body's hurtin' today!

Melanie Jacobson said...

Yuck. My sister-in-law eats them frozen. I don't understand this.

M.J. Fifield said...

I love peeps. But only in moderation (one box of four per year) and only in the Easter season. And definitely not when hard or frozen or anything like that.

I don't like bananas or beets either. Or grass or dirt for that matter.

Valerie Ipson said...

Despise the Peeps. All the new beautiful colors are so enticing, but don't fall into the Peeps trap, people!

(I will admit I purchased some for a baby shower gift for a friend last week. She's having her first girl after two boys so I put together a hot pink Easter basket of hot pink baby things and hot pink Peeps. I couldn't resist the trap that day, I guess).

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

The only way to really eat peeps is toasted. Like you would toast a marshmellow for a smore. Then, they are yummy.

Renee Collins said...

My son was sitting next to me when I read this post. He pointed at the picture and said, "Let's buy those sometime!" So there's his vote. :)

As for me, eh. I'm not crazy about them. Too sweet.

Charity Bradford said...

I don't like peeps in general, but do you know what? They are excellent roasted over the fire! I know! I have this awesome friend that started an annual Peeps Roast. The sugar coating gets all crispy as it caramelizes, but the inside is yummy squishy.

Try it! don't actually burn them, but a slow cook until lightly browned.

Unknown said...

I get sugar shock from eating peeps... but now I want to try one toasted. With a roasted banana, which is really yummy, by the way (as are all bananas).

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to get two Peeps, stick toothpicks in each of them, put them in the microwave, and see who can last the longest in the fencing microwave dual of the century. . . I'll admit, I like Peeps. ;)

Megan @ Reading for Refuge said...

Oh my gosh! Peeps Smores! Channy, we HAVE to try it. Girls night is in order. I hate peeps, but how could they be bad if they are roasted and squished between chocolate and grahms? :D

Christine said...

I've never understood what people find so "yummy" about peeps. I can't stand them. And there aren't many things I don't like, including marshmallows and anything sugar. Maybe it's the eyes. Should something so sweet watch you while you devour all their little friends. They are joined at the hip, ya know. LOL

Patti said...

My daughter was just looking over my shoulder and said, "There so pretty too bad they're disgusting."

I'm so with you on that. Give me chocolate over marshmellowy crap.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@Reece Ha ha! Thanks Reece! I totally agree about the doorstop thing! :)
@David Powers King Thank you so much for the award! :D
@CandiceWoot! I'm glad we hate something the same! Ha ha! Robin eggs are only good to put the color on your lips. I throw the malt out. Sick!
@Michelle Merrill I won't touch bananas, period. My family loves them though. Especially my kids. I LOVE painting my lips with those gross robin eggs! Ha ha!
@Melanie Jacobson Ew! Frozen? I've never heard that one before!
@M.J. Fifield I don't particularly like grass or dirt either. And beets basically taste like dirt. Yes. I know this. ;)
@Valerie Ipson Ha ha! The Peeps trap! Seriously. They ARE enticing! :D
@Kayeleen Hamblin I've never tried them toasted, but I will admit I don't like roasted marshmallows, so I probably wouldn't like them. I won't knock it until I try it though. :)
@Renee Collins My kids LOVE them too! I actually tried one today, just to see if I'd like them any better. Nope. Still hate 'em.
@Charity Bradford Okay, there are two people who have said I need to try roasting Peeps. I don't like roasted marshmallows, but I guess I'll still have to try it. ;)
@Robin Weeks That's it. We aren't friends anymore. You like bananas. Totally kidding. I can overlook that because you ROCK! :D
@Madeline Bartos Ha ha ha! That would be awesome!! :D
@Megan @ Reading for Refuge I know, I know. I've been talked into trying Peep smores. Girls NIGHT! :D
@C. K. Bryant Ha ha ha! Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard right now. So funny! :) It's the eyes. Definitely the eyes. ;)
@Patti Totally. Stupid marshmallow crap! ;)