Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wierd Word Wednesday

Today's weird word is : Craptastic.

Definition: When something is fantastically crappy.

Sentence: This week has been craptastic. Good thing the hubby is graduating on Friday! I won't be a single mother anymore! :D

Yes, I do realize that is not actually a real word. It totally should be though. Just sayin'.

Are there any words you wish were real words? Let me re-phrase that... Are there any words that are not in the dictionary that you would like to add?

Let's hear em'!


Ruth Josse said...

I love the word craptastic! But I'm sorry it's been a craptastic sort of week:(.

The word I use a lot is chillax. It means to relax and chill which is basically the same thing but it's more fun to say, "I'm chillaxin' on the couch, leave me alone."

Patti said...

This week has definitely been craptastic, I'm hoping it will turn around soon.

Michelle Merrill said...

I can think of a few books that I thought were absolutely craptastic. The writing was crappy but the story was fantastic!

Sorry not a really cool sentence but here's another one.

When Bella found out Edward was a vampire it was craptastic. Yes, having your boyfriend want to eat you would be crappy but for goodness sakes, he sparkles! That's fantastic.

And my word that is not really a word but should be is attitudenal. That's usually how I get when I'm tired or stressed or yanno, certain times of the month :)

Angie said...

Great word, and hooray for your husband graduating!

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

My use of the word: "Billy, that was the most craptastic thing you've ever done," she said. "Next time you want to embarrass me in public, ask first."

Word I would add to the dictionary: rocktacular. That's right. rockin and spectacular.

Melanie Stanford said...

I love the word craptastic! I vote for stinkarific, it's definitely a word in my vocab.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Another blogger used that word yesterday!
I tend to blend words together and quite by accident. My husband's favorites are dramastic (dramatic/drastic) and greefy leans (leafy greens.)

Trisha said...

I know it's not a real word, but HELL, if "OMG" got in the dictionary, this should too :P

Jackee said...

Sorry your week has been craptastic. :o) I love the word wonky and turning proper nouns into verbs.

Hope the weekend gets better!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@Ruth Love chillax! Great word! I will definitely be adding that to my personal dictionary! ;)
@Patti I'm sorry your week has been craptastic too!
@Michelle Merrill Yay for attitudenal! *writes it down*
@Angie Thanks so much!!
@Kayeleen Hamblin That is so rocktacular! :D
@Melanie Stanford Ha ha! Stinkarific. So funny!
@L. Diane Wolfe Awesome! Dramastic is a great word! I'm not a fan of greefy leans. ;)
@Trisha Ha ha ha ha!!! :D
@Jackee I love the word Wonky too! So awesome!! :D

KM Nalle said...

Craptastic is a perfect word to describe so many things. I use the word Floopy a lot. In my head it means, being all over the place or strange.

Example: My hair looks floopy in that picture.