Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Monday's

Ugh. I'm so happy to be rid of that brain cupcake picture. It was really starting to make me sick every time I got on here!

So, obviously we survived Saturday. I'm pretty happy about it. I wasn't ready to go yet. Especially since I had an awesome weekend with my cute little family.

And I'd really like to get a book published before I go. Which, brings me to the point of this post.

Bucket lists.

We all have things we want to do before we die. When my hubby and I drove with our little ones to Colorado earlier this year, we made our lists. Well... sort of. There are a ton of things I want to do and I wrote down about half of them. So, I'm going to share a few with you. The first five I wrote down.

1. Publish a book. Yes. Surprising, I know. ;)

2. Visit NYC. Oh how I would love to go there. See a real Broadway show. Visit the Statue of Liberty. Walk past publishing houses. So. Awesome.

3. Take my kids to Disneyworld and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I mean, really. Who wouldn't want to go there? It's Harry Potter World!!

4. Hawaii. Enough said.

5. Learn how to play the guitar. My hubby plays a little and he tried to teach me, but my fingers seem to have a mind of their own... And don't even get me started on that stupid orange button on guitar hero! I'll never be able to reach it. :(

Some of mine are probably stupid, but that's okay. It works for me.

What is on YOUR bucket list?


Julia Darcey said...

Yes, the guitar is on my bucket list too! Specifically learning the entire oeuvre of Coheed and Cambria on electric guitar. But writing an entire novel seems faster and easier than mastering even 3-chord radio pop, argh.

Jolene Perry said...

I totally taught myself to play the guitar. You can SO do it! OR, next time I'm in Utah I'll help ya :D

Jeigh said...

I'm just going to copy and paste your bucket list and then add being a contestant on Survivor. It's been my burning desire for 22 seasons now.

Jessica Hill said...

Oh my goodness. We really are twins. Except for the taking the kids to Disneyland part--I'd just take myself since I don't have kids :)--all of those things are on my bucket list, too.

I'd also love to learn the keyboard, and I'd like to learn how to horseback ride. My bucket list would probably be crazy long if I wrote them all out!

Kasie West said...

I want to take my kids to Harry Potter World too. I think it would be fun. I haven't written my "bucket list" in a while. I love to travel so I think a lot of places would be on my list.

Renee Collins said...

You definitely need to go to Hawaii! In fact, we should schedule the next retreat there! #wishfulthinking

My bucket list is huge, but among them is the burning desire to visit both China and England.

Katie Dodge said...

I once learned one song on the guitar. That being said, I would love to learn how to play any musical instrument! And being published goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. Being published!

Jessie Oliveros said...

I learned the guitar once, then forgot. The thing about your bucket list is that if you get published and become a bestseller OR if you learn to play the guitar and become a rock star, you'll get to go to all those places. My sister is going to Hawaii for a graduate thesis in two weeks. She has it rough.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@Julia Darcey Agreed! :D
@Jolene Perry I know. Next Storymakers. Me. You. A guitar. Which will end with me throwing said guitar across the room because I can't do it...;)
@Jeigh That would be AWESOME to be on Survivor! I would get voted off first because I don't even like to go regular camping... :)
@Jessica Hill I know! My bucket list is going to be SO long! I need to get to doing some of those things...;)
@Kasie West I love traveling too. I have quite a few places on my bucket list. I haven't been anywhere! lol
@Renee Collins Oh man! That would be so amazing to go to Hawaii for a retreat. Sigh. I would LOVE visit England too!
@Katie Dodge Yay! Being published! Woot! ;)
@Jessie Oliveros I know. I would LOVE to be a bestseller. Not planning on it, but it would be a plus if I was! ;)