Monday, June 13, 2011

The Ice Cream Truck

When I was little, we lived on a busy street. Every June the ice cream truck would go around the neighborhoods by our house and play its music super loud. My siblings and I would get so excited! We'd get our money ready and go stand on our porch, waiting for the ice cream truck to drive by.
As soon as it would get in range, we'd run to the edge of our lawn and jump up and down, holding our money in the air.
And the ice cream truck would drive on by.
It never stopped on our road, and even though we knew it wouldn't, we'd still keep trying every time we heard it.
Getting published is sort of like waiting for the ice cream truck to come. You see all the people around you getting their ice cream, or book deals and agents. You wait and wait, try hard and send query letters to everyone you can think of. Then you wait. And wait. And wait for them to stop and take a look at your work.
When I queried my first book, I thought it would be so easy. I thought agents would read my query letter and love my book. That I didn't have to do anything else.
I got one request. That's it.
So, I wrote another book. It sucked. I knew it.
Then I got an awesome idea. I wrote my idea down and worked on my newest book for around 6 months. Writing, revising, editing. I got a critique partner who helped me with several issues I didn't know I had. I researched agents, polished my query letter, sent it out, and you know the rest. :)
Sometimes we have to look around and do things different. Instead of waiting for that ice cream truck to come to you, you research where it goes and hunt that sucker down! lol
It's hard waiting and seeing everyone else get good news. But if you keep going, keep researching and writing, your day will come. :)
This post may not make any sense at all. I have a cold and my brain is fuzzy today. At least you got a good story about ice cream, right?
I still think about that stupid ice cream truck driver who never stopped. It's funny because the world is so much different now. I'd never let my kids get treats from the ice cream truck driver that comes down our street. He's sort of scary!! :)

**Sorry about those who couldn't get onto my blog because of a maliware threat. It was from one of the pictures I used for my post on Friday. I think I figured out which google image it was, but if it keeps doing it I'll delete the whole post. Sorry guys!!**


Melanie Jacobson said...

I'm here! It must be fixed. Yay!

Kelley Vitollo said...

I agree! Gread comparison.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Sometimes you have to chase that ice cream truck.
And at least you had one cruise through your neighborhood. They never came near mine.

Patti said...

Great analogy. We never got ice cream from the truck because my mom said it was too expensive and that's what I say to my kids.

I liked how you said to try a different approach. That's what I'm trying right now. Hope it works.

Kara Helen said...

I love the analogy. And the ice cream truck.
There's still one that drives through our apartment complex every afternoon - I have to lock myself in the house so I don't chase after him!

Monica B.W. said...

Me too! I love the analogy!
And sure, it's difficult to see others have shiny book deals while you're waving to the ice cream truck and he doesn't stop. I wish you get an agent and a book deal soon! :D

Brenda Sills said...

I LOVE ice cream so this really hit home! I enjoyed your insight and encouragement - thanks for giving me a great lift!
Get better! Drink TONS of water - it always works for me- I get better WAY quicker. You HAVE to get better for your Birthday! Thanks Chantele!

Devin Bond said...

That's a sweet analogy. I remember waiting for ice cream trucks like that. Now they're all creepers in big white vans.

But, if you catch the right one, the ice cream tastes even better~

Ruth said...

I loved the ice cream truck but I am so glad I don't live in an area where they come tempting children with that annoying music.

As for writing, I'm realizing that you can't sit and watch opportunities go by. That sometimes you have to chase them. Which is sometimes terrifying.

Katie Dodge said...

Thanks for that, Chantele. Get better!! We need to play soon! :D

Kaylee Baldwin said...

So sad! I'm going to be thinking about these kids waiting for the ice cream truck all day, now :)

You are right, though. We can't get stuck and discouraged with one book.Most authors I've spoken with don't get picked up until their second or third book.

As a side note, we have an ice cream truck that comes through all year round in our neighborhood (southern AZ). It's kind of funny. I won't let my kids buy b/c if they learn they can get ice cream from a truck that drives by EVERY DAY, I will go broke.

L.J. said...

I ran that ice cream truck down every time I heard their faint chimes. I hope to do the same in my writing. So far its working, but I haven't hit the query process yet. Do me a favor and send an ice cream truck my way when I get there!

Great post, Chantele, and hope you feel better!

Megan said...

The ice cream truck never stopped for my brother and me! We would be standing with our dollar or change from my dad's dresser and never caught the truck. Even today, hearing the music makes me sad (cue violin music). I hope my query response experience (currently underway) will leave me with better memories!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@Melanie Jacobson Yay! I'm glad you're here!! :D
@Kelley Vitollo Thanks! :D
@L. Diane Wolfe Mine either. :( Obviously. Still gives me sad memories. :)
@Patti We got the expensive thing from my parents too. I think we may have gotten ice cream like one time from an actual truck.
@Kara Helen Ha ha! I may have to chase one down this summer! :)
@Monica B.W. That dumb ice cream truck. LOl :)
@Brenda Sills I love ice cream too! I'm feeling better already. I just took it easy today. Thanks, Brenda! :)
@Devin Bond They are creepers aren't they? ;) Thanks for stopping by! I've missed your sweet comments!
@Ruth It is terrifying, but you have to put yourself out there. You know? :)
@Katie Dodge I know! I've missed seeing you everyday!!
@Kaylee Baldwin I know. Those ice cream treats are WAY overpriced! LOL :)
@L.J. I'll definitely be crossing my fingers for you!! :D
@Megan Wasn't it so unfair that they never stopped? :( (cue violin music again) Good luck with your querying!! It sucks and rocks at the same time! :)