Friday, June 3, 2011

My Thoughts This Week

I had a really good idea for a post in the middle of the night, but sleep won out and I forgot what I was going to write about. So, naturally, I'm going to be totally random.

1. I'm really, really, really ready for warm weather. Please? It's not fun going outside in June in a coat!

2. I've learned how to be more patient. Don't know how that happened, or how long it will last.

3. Blogger keeps being weird. Every time I type a paragraph and push enter, my little cursor jumps a few sentences up. Annoying!

4. My Bound book is doing pretty good at critique group. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

5. I'm not a normal night person. When 10:00 hits, I'm a giggly mess!  (Sorry, Katie! But you are the exact same way, so maybe I'm not sorry! LOL)

6. My baby girl is in the "I will not sit still for anything" stage. It's a whole bucket of fun.

7. I like sidewalk chalk. Almost as much as my kids...

8. I'm getting back into a writing schedule. GO ME!

9. I made peach oatmeal for my son this morning, all the while trying not to throw up. Reminds me of pregnancy.

10. My hubby has Saturday's off now! Woot!

Anything random you'd like to share? Oh, and have a great weekend! Next week I may or may not have a book to giveaway...since my birthday is in 2 weeks. I refuse to tell you how old I'm going to be! Although, I'm pretty sure some of you already know. :P


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

I really, rally want it to get warmer, too. I'm not liking this April-ish weather in June! Love your random list, hehe! I think I'd throw up with that otameal, too. It sounds disgusting!

Kimberly Krey said...

I loved this post - very fun! LOL about number five. Think Katie might have already told you, but if I stay up too late it's either manic laughter at everything anyone says, including myself, or straight up nausea that makes me vomit if I don't go to bed. Immediately.

Maggie said...

Wow that is random.

Hmmm. Random... June 17th is way too late for a last day of school in my opinion, but that's when our kids get out in Washington.

Robin Weeks said...

When I get tired, I talk nonstop. Often about how, when I get tired, I talk nonstop. And associated stories about what past victims have had to do to get me to shut up.

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Yay Random!

For me, I'm addicted to Schwann's ice cream this week. Yeah. It's just that good.

Lindsay N. Currie said...

LOL I love the random thoughts posts. I have so many I would probably make your head swim, so we'll start with this: I'm still jealous of people who nabbed ARCs at BEA and think I'm going to stay jealous for a while. There. I said it. Oh, and I love peeps. The yellow ones:)

Ruth Josse said...

I love randomosity:) Giggly night people are hilarious. I love hanging out with my sisters late at night. It gets pretty weird.

What is it with this June weather? I shouldn't be getting goosebumps at this time of year.

Random in my world? My six-year old is obsessed with time. All day long he tells me what time it is. I might as well stop wearing my watch.

Crystal Collier said...

All else fails, get random eh?

So if you're serious about the warm weather, we have plenty of it here in FL. =)

Katie Dodge said...

Oh, how I love our late-night spastic ways! :D

Elena Solodow said...

Have a good weekend - can't wait for mine! I just got back form Alaska, so I'm in jet-lag mode. It'll be nice to sleep in a bit.

Brenda Sills said...

Happy random thought here - what a lift to go to critique meeting and hang out with wonderfully supportive, inspiring friends! Last night was much needed and happy, fuzzy. Thanks for your wonderful encouragement! :)

Misha said...

I always go out in a coat in June. It's winter here. ^_^

It's nice that your husband gets Saturdays off.

Jeigh said...

I'm ready for warm weather, too! Idaho has been chilly. Bah!

Randomness: my 7-year-old daughter made a squirrel house in a box, with nuts, grass, and a wide-screen "TV" made of Styrofoam with a picture of an acorn drawn onto it. It's really cute.

Michelle Merrill said...

1. I'm also ready for warm weather.
2. Please pass the patience or at least share the secret :)
3. Agreed.
4. I want to read it! (hint hint)
5. Maybe we should hang out after 10 when I come down. I get the same way.
6. And so is my baby girl. She tricks me like she will sit. And then she doesn't.
7. I like coloring with the chalk, but I don't like the feeling on my hands. And I don't know if I could possibly love it any more than my kids. They like it A LOT.
8. GO YOU! Now I just need to do that.
9. That's me with annual flowers. Yeah, I had a job planting flowers in Seattle when I was pregnant with my first child. Ugh. The worst? Marigolds. I don't even want to see them.
10. Yay! That's awesome!

And even though you may not have needed to hear all that about me...I decided to share anyway :) Have a great weekend!

Carla said...

I love your random post! Numbers 7,8, and 9 totally made me smile! I love sidewalk chalk and unique oatmeal flavors. We call many of our breakfasts "Oatmeal Surprise!"


Anonymous said...

It was really hot the past week were I live, but the past few days it has been warm but breezy. I love it! I still haven't grown out of my "I will not sit still for anything stage". It doesn't make my mom too happy. Hooray for getting back into a writing schedule!

By the way, I tagged ya! :)

LynNerd said...

This is such a fun post. I love being random. When I'm tired, I say things backwards. My pet peeve is when my husband leaves doors and cupboards open. Have a good weekend full of random moments. They're the best!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

You should live here - it's been over 90 degrees for two weeks now!

Jolene Perry said...

Painted my toes sparkly turquoise last night at my daughter's request - not sure how that'll look with my red wedges for church . . . but whatever.

Random enough??

And yeah . . . I think a LOT of us know how old you're gonna be lol. But I won't say :D

Kari Marie said...

I hate it when I have a good idea for a post and I lose it. Argh.

Something random - I think I sprained the muscle on the top of my foot.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@Michelle Davidson Argyle Yes, peach oatmeal will definitely make you want to at least gag! ;)
@Kimberly Krey I think it's hilarious that you throw up if you stay up too late! Seriously, I was laughing SO hard when you told us that! Ha ha!
@Maggie Holy cow! I can't believe your kids don't get out until the 17th! Mine have been out for a week already! ;)
@Robin Weeks Ha ha ha!! That is hilarious! :D
@Kayeleen Hamblin I LOVE ice cream. I don't care what brand, as long as it's frozen and full of chocolaty goodness!
@Lindsay N. Currie Oh. I'm so jealous of anyone that went to BEA. Someday. Someday.
@Ruth Josse Oh. My. Heck. My six year old tells me what time it is like 20 times a day! I should NOT have gotten him a watch for Christmas! LOL
@Crystal Collier Florida? Jealous...
@Katie Dodge Ha ha ha ha! I'm just laughing thinking about us laughing!
@Elena Solodow I hope you had a good sleeping weekend! :D

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@Brenda Sills You're welcome, Brenda! Thanks for putting up with us giggly girls! :D
@Misha It's winter where you are? Where are you at? Just curious! :)
@Jeigh Cute! I've never made a squirrel house before! :D
@Michelle Merrill Ha ha! Thanks for sharing! :D
@Carla Isn't sidewalk chalk the greatest? ;)
@Madeline Bartos Ha ha! Love it! :) I'll check out your tag! ;)
@LynNerd Oh, I hate it when my hubby does that! SO annoying!! :)
@L. Diane Wolfe I wish it was 90 degrees here! :)
@Jolene Perry Cute toes! Did they look awesome with your blue shoes? ;)
I hope your foot feels better!

Anonymous said...

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