Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weird Word Wednesday

Today's weird word is: Loquacious


1. talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering; babbling;
2. characterized by excessive talk; wordy

My Sentence:

I swear I am never ever loquacious. I promise...

 I hope everyone is doing well. I've been way behind visiting blogs this week. I'll get on that. If I've forgotten you, I'll be sure to hop over and catch up! I love seeing how everyone is doing. Speaking of, how is your writing going? What are you working on? I've finally gotten back in to the writing groove. I had a hard time for a while. Not going to lie.
I've been working on BOUND a lot lately, and it's coming along great. Hopefully.  I have a lot of revising ahead of me, but I'm not going back to edit a lot. This is huge, folks. I can't seem to stop editing when I'm writing, and I haven't done it as much with this book. I just want to get it done! Anyway, let's hear how you guys are doing! :)

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Stephanie McGee said...

Ha! Excellent word. And congrats on the progress!

Elena Solodow said...

Loquacious is a funny word. I remember Hermione using it in the Goblet of Fire movie, sounded very British!

I'm also doing a lot of revising/reworking as I muddle through my second draft. Can't wait to see the end of the tunnel!

Patti said...

I am definitely not even close to being loquacious. I'm working on final revisions, but I have a new idea percolating in the back of my head which I'm excited about.

Madeline Bartos said...

I can never keep comments, emails, or blog posts short because I'm so loquacious.

My writing plans? Write four 50k novels in a month. *nods* I have so much time this month, I think I can do it. Good luck with your writing!

Kelley Vitollo said...

I love that word! LOL.

Stacy Henrie said...

Love that word - might have to use that in a manuscript. I know what you mean about the editing. I edited my first manuscript as I wrote it, but not so much with the others. If I can turn off that internal editor while I write, I find just getting it all down can be great for the creative flow.

Rebecca Kiel said...

Ooo, good word. It sounds so fluid, much like that form of speech!

Maggie said...

I'm so glad to find a word to describe how I get when I meet someone knew and am nervous. I start sweating and become very loquacious!

How do you say that? Lo-qway-shus?

I'm glad you're attempting something new with the less editing and just moving forward. Let me know how that goes! I'm still in editing purgatory and wondering if I'll ever be released.

Ruth Josse said...

Stopping myself from going back and editing is a struggle for me too. I'm a fixer.

I wish I was more loquacious. That easy rambling is actually something I envy of others. I get tongue-tied too easily.

Jessie Oliveros said...

I've known that word for awhile, probably because I am loquacious which isn't really a good thing. Good luck on your edits!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@Stephanie McGee Thanks!
@Elena Solodow Yay! Congrats on revising! It's tough, but it makes our books SO much better! :D
@Patti Yay for final revisions! And new ideas!! :D
@Madeline Bartos 4 novels in a month? Holy crap!! Good luck! :D
@Kelley Vitollo It's great, huh? Ha ha! :)
@Stacy Henrie I'm actually surprising myself. I never just write and not edit. It's weird, but it's getting there! :)
@Rebecca Kiel Thanks! :) I thought so too.
@Maggie Ha ha! Me too! :) Good luck with editing! Sometimes it can be a beast!
@Ruth Josse I'm a total fixer. Learning to keep plugging along though. It's working. A little. :)
@Jessie Oliveros I'm loquacious as well. I sort of go in spurts. Especially if I don't know someone well. I just can't stop talking about stupid things! lol

Jolene Perry said...

Your hands are ON what I"m working on lol!

My husband knows ALL your weird words. He's one of those photographic memory people. He sucks.