Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Giveaway!

Check out this giveaway over at Reading For Refuge! :) I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I'm just watching the Olympics, like always. BUT, I actually wrote about 2000 words last night. ROCK ON! :D


Writer Pat Newcombe said...

well done for sticking to your wip!! I'm not doing so good... Never mind - Olympics finish this weekend - so watch out WIP!!!!

Brandon Ax said...

That's great on the 2k words, I had a good writing night as well, must have been something in the air.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

You know, the funny thing about the Olympics is it's all about winning. Flashy gold medals, stories of conquering heroes, etc.

But I was watching it yesterday and had this there sure are a lot of losers. You know, the people who we never see that come in last or second to last.

They spent all that time trying to train and getting all the way to the Olympics only to lose, and go home with no money and no endorsements.

That's kind of sad. But I guess that's the nature of competition.

Kelley Lynn said...

The olympics are on????

Kidding, kidding. :)