Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's a B-word kind of day!!

My awesome friend Jessie Humphries just announced her AMAZING news today!

From Publishers Weekly:

"In an unorthodox deal, debut author Jessie Humphries sold world English rights to two books, including her novel Killing Ruby Rose, to Tim Ditlow at Amazon Publishing and Courtney Miller at Kindle Serials. Sarah Davies at Greenhouse Literary Agency represented Humphries, a lawyer, and the unique structure of the deal calls for the book to publish initially as episodes in Amazon’s Kindle Serials program. The episodes will begin appearing in the summer, with the print edition to follow in the early fall. The book was pitched as “Dexter meets Heist Society” and follows a girl who, unwillingly, becomes a serial killer targeting infamous villains."

Fantastic news, right? I'm SO so so so excited for her. I beta read her book a while ago and It. Is. Awesome. I can't wait to read the finished product. Head over to her blog B-Word and congratulate her if you haven't already. Woo hoo!!!