Friday, April 3, 2015

Pre-order Giveaway for LOVE, LUCAS!

So, Love, Lucas releases in a month. I'm freaking out. Excited and nervous and seriously...freaking out. Haha. So, I wanted to talk about Pre-Orders for a minute. A book with a good amount of pre-orders help launch it out of the gate with good numbers that really help the publisher, bookstores and of course, the author and book! So, if you're planning on buying Love, Lucas, consider pre-ordering from your favorite bookstore and it will ship the day it releases. Or in some cases...before it releases! You can order it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound, Books a Million and if you're coming to my launch party on May 9th at the King's English Bookshop, you can order from them as well! 

To say a HUGE thank you for those who pre-order Love, Lucas, and who share my contest, I have some fun prizes you can enter to win!

There are three prizes, so THREE winners! Woo hoo!

Prize 1: You can choose an awesome book necklace up to $12.95 from Tiny Book Town Etsy Shop! I'm in LOVE with their stuff. SO cute! Check them out HERE. A $10 Amazon Gift Card, and a LOVE, LUCAS swag pack and a notebook like the one Lucas left for Oakley.
*You can only win this prize if you pre-order.

Prize 2. A Tiny Book Town book necklace up to $10.95. Again, check them out HERE. And a LOVE, LUCAS swag pack with a notebook like the one that Lucas left for Oakley.

Prize 3. A LOVE, LUCAS swag pack with a notebook like the one Lucas left for Oakley.

It's easy to enter! Pre-order Love, Lucas on Amazon, The King's English, etc. and take a screenshot proving you did it, email it me at, and enter the giveaway on the Rafflecopter below. You can even earn extra entries by spreading the word to your friends on Facebook or Twitter. *Contest only open to residents in the US. I'll do an international one soon. :)

If you've already pre-ordered, go ahead and enter now! Email me if you have any questions or problems.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Please consider ordering your copy from The King's English bookstore and let them know you'll be at the party on May 9th. Not only does this support a great independent, local bookstore, it also ensures you have your copy for me to sign!

Thank you so much to everyone for your support. It truly means the world to me.