Saturday, June 13, 2009


Eeesh! It's been a crazy week! Not a whole lot of writing time, but I have actually gotten further in my WIP. It is such an interesting story, and sometimes I wonder where the heck I come up with half of my ideas.;) It's amazing how I can just sit down and start writing things that pop into my head. I did have a question for the two of you that read this blog.:) Do you use an outline? I am not really one for outlines. They confuse me, and make my creativity go out the window for some reason. I do write my ideas down in a little notebook though, and flip through it whenever I am in need of something extra for my novel. I don't know why I can't use outlines though. I'm weird I guess.
I had an awesome book club meeting last night. We have had a website where we post our books, and it is the first time we have gotten together, and let me tell you, it was a riot! It is such a wonderful thing for me to be involved in a book club, making me spread my genres and read things I wouldn't normally read. It's awesome!
Anyhoo, I have got to get something done this morning. My 2-year old and I are just hanging out at home while my hubby and son went to do a few projects this morning. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!;)


Patti said...

For my first book I didn't have an outline just a list of potential scenes. It was fun to write. For my second I'm having a harder time because I've outlined it.

So I don't know which one is better?