Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday #1

I found this fun activity for Wednesdays here if you want to join in!:) I thought I would post a little about my current project. It is now at 22,000 words and climbing pretty steadily. I am kicking myself this morning, because I worked on editing a chapter last night instead of writing. Why do I do this? Because mistakes drive me crazy! I honestly have some kind of phobia or something. Normally I don't edit until it is done, but sometimes I just get in this mood and find myself doing without even realizing it. Anyway, my project is a YA urban fantasy, and I am loving it! My female protagonist is fun, witty, insecure, and just plain interesting. I've never really written anyone like her before, so it is so fun having her in my head. I was wondering something this morning, as I started working on my novel a little. What kind of traits do you give your character's that are the most like you? Do you give them any of your personality, or make them someone you would like to be? My first character I wrote about, physically looked a lot like me, but her personality was so different from mine, that I sometimes had a hard time writing about her. I would write something and think "I would never do that!" But, she would! In my current project, my protagonist looks nothing like me, but her personality is quite similar to mine. It is amazing how we come up with our characters. How we can dream up someone nonexistent and make them so real to us, that they sort of stay with us forever. Am I making sense? Please tell me if I'm not...I went to bed late last night, so my head is kind of fuzzy this morning!;)


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Thanks for joining in the WIP Weds. fun! Your WIP sounds really great. My WIP is also an Urban Fantasy - although not YA. It is a fun genre to work in though. Good luck with getting more words done and resisting the urge to edit too soon!