Thursday, July 23, 2009

My new WIP

So, I finally finished my last WIP. I'm happy with it, but will it ever see publication? I have no idea. If it doesn't, I'm okay with that. I've heard some authors write 4-5 books until they finally sell one. I've learned a ton from writing this one I just finished, and love it even more than my first.
My current WIP is my YA LDS novel called Ashes. I'm way excited to write it. I have so many ideas for it, and my main protagonists are already speaking to me to hurry up and finish it!:) I have about 5,000 words so far, and have written quite a few of my ideas down. I don't really use an outline, but I do write my ideas down and make sure I put them in the right places in the story. I'm using a few of my own experiences in this book, and the main character is based on a very close family member.
Ashes is the first book in a series I'm writing. They won't be about the same person, but all have the same kind of theme. Shattered is my next one, and ideas are starting to stew for that one as well. I have a great feeling about these books that I didn't have for my other two, so I will see where they take me. These stories need to be written, and hopefully I can make them good enough to get them published. I know there are teens out there who need to read about Tristan and Lexi's experiences. Hopefully I will do it right!


Valerie Ipson said...

I enjoyed your blog a lot. I'll be back to visit again...

Patti said...

Congratulations on finishing your WIP. It's hard when you have so many ideas circulating in your head and not enough time to write them all down.