Thursday, August 19, 2010

I love feedback.

I just recently sent my first few chapters to some friends, asking advice on who's point of view to write from. It was between two very different characters, and I just LOVE one of them so much, but it's not really his story. Ultimately I decided to use the girl's POV, just because of all the changes she goes through. Now, the guy will definitely be in the story a lot, so I'll be able to keep his character strong, even if he isn't the MC. I'm excited to share him with you someday. He's great!
How do you guys decide who will be the MC? I usually get a pretty strong voice in my head, before I even start writing, but with this particular story, it wasn't just one. It was two. I thought about doing both and alternating between chapters, but it just wouldn't work the way I want it to.
Anyway. I'm loving my WIP. It's the first time where I really think it could turn into something really special. I hope I can a few bites when it's query time. :)


ali said...

Oh, you HAVE to love it! Or else you'd never want to put all that work into it! Maybe you'll write a follow-up book from the guy's POV. ;) It could happen!