Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Netflix Problem

We have had Netflix for a few months now. I just can't seem to sit down and watch a series on t.v. week after week at the same time at night. I can't ever remember which show is on which night and most of them are on when the kids are still awake, so I don't want them watching with me.
This is where Netflix comes in. Now, I'm not a huge t.v. watcher, but occasionally I like to watch a show or two with the hubby. Especially after a long few weeks of editing my book. It's nice to just relax once in a while.
Anywho, since we've gotten Netflix streaming on the Wii, I've had a problem. Take last night for example.

Me: What do you want to watch honey?
Honey: I don't care. Just find something interesting.

So, I flip through the selections, and find several shows that sound interesting to me.

Me: Ooohh! They have Hoarders! That show is interesting! It sort of makes me want to go rip all the sheets off the beds and wash them ten times, but it's cool.
Honey: Pretty gross, but interesting.
Me: Look! They have some kind of ghost hunter show! Cool! (I don't like ghosts, but I like watching other people get scared for some reason.)
Honey: No thanks. I don't want nightmares.
Me: Oh wait! Let's watch Cake Boss! I've heard that one is so good!
Honey: Seriously?
Me: Let me find something else then. Man vs Wild! I love Bear. He is so awesome even if he eats dead animals and bugs. Or that River Monster show is cool. Those freaky fish and stuff.
Honey: (Groans) Just pick one.
Me: I've heard Psych is pretty funny. Oh, and Grey's Anatomy is good. Wait, what about Lost? Did they ever get off that creepy island? Oh wait. My mom told me the entire finale, so I already know what happens.
Honey: Chan-
Me: What's Man vs Food? Eh. He'll probably eats gross things that will make me gag. Hey! I love Mythbusters! Those guys are crazy! Wait! They have Scrubs on here! I love that show!
Honey: I'm going to bed.
Me: Okay. I'll just go...write or something.


Caryn Caldwell said...

LOL! Netflix streaming is definitely addictive. I like it for kids' shows, too. We rarely show TV to our toddler, but sometimes it can be helpful. Plus you can watch movies and call them "writing research" because you're studying plot, dialogue, and characterization. :-D

Jordan McCollum said...

Oh man. This has been a problem with the DVR for us, too.

I like Hoarders, though not enough to tape it (plus it's on all the time) and I love Psych. Man vs. Food is usually him eating some HUGE things (I saw him eat a 5lb hamburger, or try to.)

Kasie West said...

lol Yes, netflix gives us way to many INSTANT choices. :) I find myself watching tons of movies. Movies I would not have normally rented or watched, but there they are, waiting for me. I have to watch them. Netflix is stealing my time from me. It's a time stealer. :)

Candice said...

Psych IS funny!! We had Netflix for a few months, but I don't ever even watch our cable, so we canceled it. the only show I watch every week is American Idol, which is on tonight by the way.

Anonymous said...

We stopped getting Netflix because some hockey addict (oh wait, that's me) wanted the channels with all the games. ;) I think I might come hang out with you. Man Vs. Wild, Mythbusters, and Cake Boss, I especially love Mythbusters!

My brother's hero is Bear. It's gotten to be a strange obsession, but hey. He is pretty awesome :D

Witless Exposition said...

This sounds remarkably like OUR problem with Netflix! I've added over 300 things to our instant queue, and my husband still says that there's nothing to watch! :)

Rusty Carl said...

Psych is my favorite show on TV. As soon as we finished watching them all in a month long marathon my wife turned to me and said, "Lets just start them over."

And it was just as awesome the second time.

Michelle Merrill said...

That's hilarious. When I started writing, we stopped Netflix. Now we just get stuff from the library and redbox. Now that we have a wii, I know we'd watch way more if we still had netflix. Probably better that we don't :) Good luck picking your shows. I don't know much about any show lately. Lame, I know. Oh well.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Hahaha this is amusing. I've had similar conversations swith my hubby. We try to tape everything we want to watch on tv because we are hardly ever around when the shows are on lol.

Kari Marie said...

LOL! We have streaming on our BluRay in my excercise room. Only allowed to watch it when I'm on the treadmill. I should weigh only 100 pounds by now.

Shari said...

It was fun meeting you on Michelle's blog. We don't have Netflix or cable or satellite. So tv isn't much of a problem when there's nothing to watch!

Unknown said...

DVR is my crazy obsession and unable to ever get the recordings down to a realistic number. We never watch the same things and when we do it overrides all the junk!!

I saw your piece over at Michelle's place! Had to stop in for a visit!

Ciara said...

We have Netflix. I wish they offered more.
I stopped in to check on a fellow crusade group buddy.