Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday WIP update

I had such a great weekend. My hubby has been so stressed out with school, since he graduates at the end of this month. Seriously. He is not one to cross right now. :) Anyway, he finished a huge project and I was able to actually see him all day yesterday. 3 more weeks and he'll be done!! Then we can move on with life and make some changes. I want to move, so hopefully he can find a good job one of these days!

As for my writing. I'm working on Bound, my YA urban fantasy. It was going great until I got stuck at this one scene. I wanted to jump ahead. And then I didn't know where I wanted to take it. So I took a break for a few days, thought of a new idea for a book, and plotted it out a little bit. I actually outlined this new book a little, which is weird for me. I'm not an outliner. At all. So, after I outlined that, I went back into Bound and wrote a whole new scene. It was great! I'm about half way finished with it, and am so excited to finish it so I can put it away for a month or so and write my new idea.

Isn't it funny how we get so into writing a story, and then a new idea pops into our head and we want to finish our WIP to start writing the new one? It happens to me...All. The. Time. When I was writing Not Your Average Fairy Tale, Bound popped into my head. I told myself I couldn't even start it until Not Your Average Fairy Tale was finished. I finally finished it, and was so excited for my new project, that it took me a while to edit and revise. But I did it, and it turned out way better than I ever hoped. Especially now, with my agent's suggestions. I've changed a few things that have made it so much better.

So how are things going for you? Any new ideas? Or are you just typing away at your WIP's? Anyone revising? Do tell!

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Shallee said...

I'm revising my current WIP like a maniac. :) But just like you, I keep getting ideas for my other WIP that's on the back burner. I can't wait to get to it-- but I love making my current WIP turn out just right. Good luck on yours!

David Powers King said...

Cool. You do WiP updates too? Your title is intriguing. For me, I'm just about to reach the story's climax. The final rising action to get there is proving tougher than I thought, but I'll get there, hopefully before the week is out.

I gave you a Shout-Out on my blog. :)

Jessica Hill said...

I'm typing away at my WIP...I have a new idea that I've actually been sitting on for a few months now because I feel like I need to finish my current project before starting something new. And then I also have old ideas that I'm looking forward to getting back to at some point. I think I have about 8 projects in various stages right now, just waiting for me to have the time to write them, so I don't think I'll be running out of things to write about for a while!

Good luck and happy writing! :)

Patti said...

Totally revising and I love when ideas pop into my head as well. Good luck with graduating and making some changes. Sounds like an exciting time for you.

Michelle Merrill said...

You got more written on Bound? Awesome! :) I did some major crunch time revising last week and then took the weekend off of writing. My family needed a less stressed mama! Tonight I'm finishing my WIP so I can dive back in to finish more revisions on the other story.

Pk Hrezo said...

I totally know what you mean. I try to shoo those story ideas away so I can finish my WIP. I jot them down for later of course, but they can be little pests.

I love it when those scenes you've been struggling with finally get nailed. How awesome.

R.S.J. said...

Had a new idea come just the other day. I was wondering when it was going to happen. I've been waiting :) My current WIP has been on hold because of life. I'm hoping and excited to get back into it this week!

ali said...

Awesome! Congrats Chantele! I am going to start querying this week! April is my month to rewrite/revise my MG sci fi. Woot!

Devin Bond said...

I've been writing and have gotten a few new ideas that I want to explore soon. :) Glad you got through that stuck scene!

Candice said...

I think I'm probably having a hard time finishing my WiP because I don't have a new idea brewing...funny I never realized that until I read your post. Glad you're having a great day!

Maggie said...

I'm so happy to report my WIP went in the mail today! Yahoo! I've been revising it for about three or four months and now it's out the door. Wish it luck! And good luck with yours!

Kasie West said...

So fun. Sounds like you're making great strides. I'm the same way--always looking towards the next project when I'm in the middle of the current. :)

Trisha said...

I got struck with an idea last night while trying to sleep. It's just for a short-ish story, kind of took off in my head. ;)

Meanwhile, I'm revising one of my novels, and am not far off being done with this latest revision. Can't wait to tick that off on my 'to-do' list.

Sari Webb said...

Sounds like you had a pretty productive weekend! I had a breakthrough with my WIP on the weekend which I'm currently revising. It's going to create a lot more work but it will be worth it. I blogged about it today too :)

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@Shallee I love revising my WIP's like a maniac! :D

@David Powers King He he. Yep, I do WIP updates, usually on Monday's. Good luck on the climax of your book! I love that part of the story! :)
@Jessica Hill I agree. I let my other ideas sit while I finish my current WIP. It's hard sometimes though!
@Patti I love revising. It feels great to make my story better. Graduation can't come soon enough! lol
@Michelle Merrill Yes, I have quite a bit of Bound, but I'm scared to send it to anyone!! Is that so stupid!? You may be getting some this week though! :D Yay for finishing your WIP!! Can't wait to read more!
@Pk Hrezo I always have my little notebook with me, since my ideas tend to creep up on me out of nowhere. Funny how that happens! :)
@R.S.J. Yay for new ideas!! Good luck with it! :D

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@ali Yay for querying!! So excited for you! Keep me updated! :D
@Devin Bond I'm so glad I finally got my stuck scene written. It feels good! :)
@CandiceBeen there. I've learned to always have a new idea to keep me motivated to finish. It's hard sometimes.
@Maggie Yay!! Congrats for being done revising and getting it in the mail!! :D
@Kasie West I like having more than one project at a time. Sometimes if I don't, I get stuck and if I don't have something else to revise or whatever, I'm can't seem to write for a few days until I get out of my slump. That sounded weird, but hopefully that made sense... ;)
@Trisha Yay for revising! I love it. Most of the time. Good luck with your new shortish story idea!
@Sari Webb Yay for breakthroughs! Good luck with revising! I'm stopping by your blog right now! :D

Jolene Perry said...

Oh... I'm swimming in indecision city.
Working and bouncing around between three or four projects. I used to fight it, but I'm slowly learning this is just how I roll... ;D