Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken...well, you know the rest.

Thanks to everyone who entered my 200 follower giveaway!! I'll cut to the chase. You guys are all SO awesome. I had random.org choose the winner, but I also had to post some of your hilarious comments! So, we'll start with those.

A few of my favorites:

Amber Argyle:

What fairy tale character??? Hmmm . . . Malificent--the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty. I mean, she can turn into a flying dragon. And work magic. Of course, I wouldn't be evil.
Or would I??? mwahaha!

Michelle Merrill:
You know those satyr's in Fablehaven? The funny ones? They're satyr's right? Oh man, whatever they are...you know the hilarious brother's that get Seth in trouble? Yeah, I want to be one of them. Even if it is just for the wit factor :) Go ahead and give me the hairy goat legs. Life needs to be fun!

David Powers King:
Does "The Terrible Dogfish" from Pinocchio count? I just love water and no one would mess with me (makes a little evil laugh).

I would be a gender role reversed princess charming...I mean, who doesn't want to swoop in and save the day?


Well, if it's strictly fairytale creature/character that limits my choices, and I would have to go with Sleeping Beauty. She sings and dances her way through life and has three fairygodmothers to do all the housework. Her man wears a cape, dances with her in the forest, and fights dragons. On top of all that, whenever trouble descends upon her kingdom she gets to take a nap until it's over. Talk about a perfect life...

And my personal favorite by my fabulous critique partner.

That is so easy... Kendall, because I'd get to make out with Ash, who is the hottest fairy EVER!!!
(FYI: If anyone gets to make-out with my sexy MC Ash, it will definitely be me!)

There were so many other entries that had me laughing so hard! You should check them out!

And now for the winner: Drumroll please............................


Send me an e-mail at alwayssomething2read(at)gmail(dot)com with your address! Congratulations!!

Oh, and stay tuned. My birthday is coming up and there will definitely be another giveaway. And while we are on the subject of free books, my awesome friend Megan is giving away the first book in one of my favorite series on her blog. She has the best reviews and just started up her blog about a year ago. Go comment and follow! :D


Candice said...

Congratulations Maggie! I guess I'll just have to add this book to my Amazon list. :)

Michelle Merrill said...

Awesome! Congrats Maggie. I love that you posted your favorites. They were pretty funny...and I need to meet this Ash man! Like soon :)

amberargyle said...

Yay I'm funny!
Who knew?

And Maggie, I can't tell you congrats. Cause I'm the jealous type. No hard feelings. ;)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Congrats to the winners! Sorry I missed it - probably happened while I was in Oregon.

Devin Bond said...

Congrats winners~ Those were some good ones. I'm sad I missed this! Ash definitely sounds sexy. We want to see him~

ali cross said...

fun! Those are all great entries. Congrats Maggie!

Demitria said...

So funny! Congrats Maggie!