Monday, August 8, 2011

Winner and my weekend!

First off, I meant to post the winner to my Matched by Ally Condie giveaway on Saturday, but I wasn't around all day. So, I'm doing it today. :) The winner is .......................

Here is her entry to my "What would you do for a book deal?"

For a book deal I could
write my story in wood
with only my tongue as a pen

I’d sell all my hair
for a chain you could wear
on your lovely gold watch, and then

I’d swallow my pride
and get my skin dyed
any color that you could wish

I’d write a lame poem
and not clean my home
not even the slimy soap dish

I’d dress like a lobster
and act like a mobster
then do the splits at the pep rally!

Though a book deal is nice
I think the right price
is a nice shiny book by Miss Ally
Wasn't that SO fun! Ha ha! So creative. Check out her blog as well. She is hilarious and just a sweet person.

This past Saturday, I was able to go to Kiersten White's book signing at The Kings English. Let me just tell you, if you live in Utah, you MUST go see that bookstore. It is so fun. I could spend hours there just browsing all the books they have. I can't wait to go again. I didn't know what I was missing.

Anyway, my friend Megan and I had so much fun. Neither of us had ever been to a book signing, so we had no idea what to expect. When we got there, we were ushered back to the patio where we sat in a little audience. Kiersten came out and talked about her books, read a part of Supernaturally and took questions. She was hilarious, of course. Those of you who read her blog, she is just as funny in person. And she didn't even have to stand on a stool to talk to us. ;)
After her little presentation we were able to get our books signed. It was so much fun to talk to her in person. If I hear about any other of my favorite authors coming to Utah, I'm definitely going to go. And you guys should go too! People in the audience asked her quite a few questions about writing and she had some excellent advice.

How was your weekend?


Brenda Sills said...

Ahhhhhhh! I'm SO jealous!!!! I would've loved to go!
I went to Elana Johnson's launch party at the King's English this summer with my daughter and it was a fantastic, energizing experience! To be part of an author's big day is incredible.

Shelly has no limit to her amazingness does she?!! I mean look at that entry - super funny, fun to read, crazy clever! EVERYONE should follow that woman's blog! She astounds me!

Thanks for another great post, Chantele! You're always saying such awesome stuff!

Sarah Pearson said...

That book signing looks like so much fun!

I love the poem, a worthy winner there :)

Samantha said...

I like the poem! I follow Kiersten's blog and I just love it!

Thanks for the post!


Maggie said...

I love the poem Shelly. So creative!

Jolene Perry said...

SO fun!!

If someone that cool came to Alaska for a book tour, I'd pass out, lol.

Abby said...

AHHHH! For fun! That book signing sounds amazing and I have to check out that book store. And yes, Ms Shelly Brown totally rocked it for the contest. You go girl!

Ruth Josse said...

Awesome poem, Shelly!

I've never been to a book signing either. Looks like loads of fun!

Jessie Humphries said...

That bookstore does look awesome.

David Powers King said...

That poem is hilarious!

Congratulations to Shelly!

Glad you had an awesome weekend, Chantele.

Anonymous said...

Love it when authors are fun and relaxed at their book signings! I went to one once that had some music too. Of course, Farmer John was also wearing a boa and promoting his indie doc film from the back of his tractor. Tom-ay-to, to-mah-to.

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

Ahh, thanks Chantele! I'm thrilled (and embarrassed to admit that I haven't gotten to that book yet. that things been on my TBR list FOREVER!)

I am jealous that you got to go out to Kierten White's signing. I need to insist that my husband watches the kids more so I can do this kind of stuff. :)

Chantele Sedgwick said...

@Brenda Sills Shelly really is awesome, huh? :D And I miss you! We need to have critique group soon!
@Sarah Pearson I wish I could write poetry. Sadly, I cannot. :)
@Samantha Isn't Kiersten's blog so awesome? Love it.
@Maggie I need her to teach me how to write a poem! lol
@Jolene Perry I almost did, Jolene! lol She was super nice though. Just a little intimidating. :)
@Abby Next time you should come, Abby! I'll let you know if I hear about anyone else coming! :D
@Ruth Josse It was way fun. A nice thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. Plus, no kids came with me! Bonus! lol :)
@Jessie Humphries It really was. I loved it.
@David Powers King Thanks, David! Book signings are the best! :)
@Rebecca Kiel Ha ha ha! A boa, eh? Crazy!
@Small Town Shelly Brown You totally deserved it, Shelly! :D

linda said...

Ooh you got to see Kiersten White! So lucky! I meant to be all productive this weekend. Yeah... that didn't go so well, haha. Glad you had an awesome weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun event! I used to go to a lot of book signings when I was in school but haven't been to one in awhile. Glad you had such a great weekend. Great idea for a contest, too!

Katie Dodge said...

I wish I could have gone! So fun! And I agree, Shelly's poem was great! :)