Monday, August 15, 2011


What is Write-On-Con? I'm sure most of you have seen this floating around the blogosphere. Well, let me tell you. It's an online writers conference. And it's free! The dates are August 16-18. And they're already asking for submissions on a few things, today! If you haven't registered for Write-On-Con, hurry on over there! It's seriously worth it. Trust me.

I "attended" Write-On-Con last year. I didn't enter anything, since my book wasn't ready then, but I learned so much from all the editors and agents that participated. Their advice and expertise was invaluable. So get on over there and register. :)

Are you attending this year? Are you going to enter some of your work to get critiqued? Or pitch your work?


E.J. Wesley said...

Can't believe it's already here again! I'll definitely be checking it out. Last year was information overload ... in a great way!

Maybe I'll see you at a presentation? :-)


Abby said...

Hey! I wasn't there last year, but I am excited for it this year. I think it will help with my writing a LOT! That is always a good thing. I can't wait for the live conferences. It will be great!

Jenny said...

This will be my first year. I'm attending as much as I can around my schedule. I'm not submitting anything this year, it's just not ready yet.

Jolene Perry said...

They do SUCH an awesome job. Timing for me is ROTTEN, so I'm not sure how much I"ll be around.

Ruth Josse said...

I may sneak around some. As much as time and my kids allow. I don't know much about it though.

Maggie said...

I checked it out. Thanks!