Friday, May 3, 2013

Things I'm Loving This Week

1. We have new carpet!!! Woo hoo!! Our old carpet was seriously old and hard and gross. So happy it's soft and squishy and new now! :D

2. I've been having a lazy week with no writing. Most of it is because I couldn't use the computer for a few days, but most of it is because I've just been lazy. ;) Actually, my lazy no writing weeks involve a lot of plotting! So ... next week I'd better be productive.

3. If you haven't checked out some of the entries for The Writers Voice, they are awesome! And good luck to everyone who has entered. Crossing my fingers for all of you!

4. Speaking of The Writers Voice, one of the hosts, my friend Krista Van Dolzer announced her book sale this week! SO happy for her! Head over to her blog and congratulate her! :D

5. If you haven't seen the list of banned names over in New Zealand, it's a pretty fun read. If you want to name your child Royal, Juztice, Majesti or ... Lucifer ... don't move there. ;) Maybe I'll use a few for book characters...

Have a great weekend everyone! Mine will be filled with dance competitions and soccer games!


ilima said...

I have a character named Royal in one of my books, haha. What's up with the banned names?

Julie Luek said...

Ahhh new carpet smell--amazing how something like that can just make you feel like you're in a new home! Enjoy!

prerna pickett said...

LOVE new carpet. In fact, we're about to go shopping for some this weekend. Our basement carpet is GROSS and old. Hope you had a relaxing week plotting, it's nice to have a break every now and then.

Emily R. King said...

Banned names? Too cool.

Best wishes to all The Writer's Voice contestants! And congrats to Krista!