Monday, July 13, 2009

Main characters

I recently started writing an LDS YA novel. My main protagonist, is 18 year old Tristan, who has had a rough time during his teenage years. He got in with the wrong group of friends, tried different things that are not within the best standards, and basically hit rock bottom. I am starting the book with an experience that makes him want to change his life around. My female protagonist, Lexi, is also a huge part of this book. She is outgoing, spunky, and has issues of her own. They are both from LDS families, and both struggle with very different things, but the thing is, every struggle is hard, no matter how different they can be.
Now that my small synopsis is written...LOL! I wanted to ask where do you come up with your characters? Do you use real experiences you have struggled with, or seen in your life, and throw them on your characters? Do you just make them up? Use news reports?
My other 2 novels I have written were more fantasy, and for some reason it's harder to write this one, but I know it needs to be written. My character Tristan, has many trials he has gone through, and he is based on a close member of my family. I have seen this person's weaknesses and triumphs, overcoming so many things, and I had to write it all down. I just want the teens of today to know, everyone has struggles. Everyone goes through so many things, similar, or not, and they are not alone. Young members of the church need to know that. Anyway, there is my two cents for the day!:) I'm very excited to finish this particular book. I have a good feeling about it.


Patti said...

It's probably harder to write because it's more personal. Sounds like a great project. As I am heading into those life defining years with my kids I'll look forward to reading it.

Jenn Johansson said...

Wow! Did you know our female protagonists have the same name? Lexi isn't that common, so it must be that great minds think alike. ;)

Jordan McCollum said...

My characters come from different things. Obviously some parts of all of them come from me—usually emotions or special interests/hobbies. But most of the rest of the aspects of their characters I pick to match the story or another character—like my friend and I decided that a character should be Irish (ie born in Ireland, not just nominally of Irish descent), I made the hero having served in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Love your idea, Chantele.
Began writing it yet?

Chantele said...

Yes, I just started. I have about 5,000 words already! Woo hoo!