Friday, May 31, 2013

Things I'm loving this week.

1. Books. I've read several books the past few weeks and have loved them! One is Cragbridge Hall: The Inventors Secret by Chad Morris. If you like middle grade, you'll love this. Especially if you liked Fablehaven or Janitors. I'm reading Tuesday's at the Castle by Jessica Day George right now. It's really good. I'm on a middle grade kick at the moment!

2. My new desk. The hubby bought me a new computer desk. I love it! :D You guys know the need for a good writing desk. Other people will probably just think I'm weird that I'm so excited about it... ;)

3. Summer break. Even though my kids are crazy, I'm glad to have them home for a few months! We've already done some fun things. Can't wait for the rest of the summer!

4. Patience. I know it's hard to wait for things, but I'm happy I'm getting more patient in my old age... Kind of ... :)

5. My hubby. He had a birthday yesterday and we left all the kids with my parents to go out to dinner with just the two of us. It was nice. And a little weird with no kids. My birthday is in a few weeks, so we'll have to do it again!

Have a nice weekend everyone! :)


ilima said...

I think books are on my list every week. :)

Julie Luek said...

I love books and new things that make me excited to write-- desks definitely would fall into that category!

Krista McLaughlin said...

A good desk is definitely important! I have a tendency to write on my bed and it gets uncomfortable after a while. I need to use my desk!

I wish I were more patient, but nope. :) I have to keep working on it.

Gina Gao said...

A good desk is always important! It sounds as if you had a great week.

Emily R. King said...

I really like Tuesdays at the Castle. The new book came out a couple weeks ago. I'm going to read it this summer.

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