Monday, November 10, 2014

What I'm Reading

So... I usually do my posts a little different with going to read, reading now and read, but I've read so much the past week that I'm going to post three books that I've already read. :) Seriously. Can there be any more "reads" added to that sentence above? Haha! Anyway, here are some great reads from this week.

The CURE FOR DREAMING by Cat Winters. Seriously guys. Cat Winters is one of my new favorite authors. Love her books. They're so eerie with great characters and awesome twists. Loved this one so much and cannot WAIT for her next book that comes out next year! Isn't that cover super intriguing and creeptastic? Yes.

On The Fence by Kasie West. This book was JUST what I needed. So cute and romantic with real tough issues as well. This one was definitely a favorite this year. And how freaking cute is that cover?
Just finished The Unhappening of Genesis Lee by Shallee McArthur today! I loved this one as well. So unique! I've never read anything like it before. Link bracelets that store memories? A cute boy? A girl who will risk everything to find out the truth? Great mystery, characters and story. And such a pretty and unique cover that looks awesome on my book shelf. Pick it up guys. You won't be disappointed. :)

What have you guys been reading lately? Any book recs I should know about?


Kaylee Baldwin said...

Oh, I loved On the Fence!

Peggy Eddleman said...

All books on my To Read list, too! And re: Cat Winters-- I totally agree! I can't wait to read them all!

Morgan said...

Ohhhhh… so much beauty in one post… LOVE.

And you always make me smile, Chantele! Love seeing your gorgeous face. :)

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Keylee: I know, wasn't it so cute?

Peggy: I seriously LOVE her books!

Morgan: You are SO sweet!!

Emily R. King said...

Awesome books!
I just read DPK's Woven and I'm reading the final book in the Grave Mercy's series. Love it.

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